Fibromyalgia and Essential Oils

Well for some time now, its been a bit of a battle….. One that I quite frankly REFUSE to lose! I have had a few different health diagnoses that have made me do some reassesment! One of those happens to be Fibromyalgia. Let’s just say that I went from a skeptic to a realist in a very quick hurry!

Now being that I am also a christian gal who believes in staying positive and seeing silver linings, I took this diagnoses in stride. That does not mean that physically things are easy, it means that even on the toughest days there is always some small positive to find and focus on!

I am an avid learner as well and will likely be the great grandmother that decides to go to University for her masters or some such crazy thing 🙂 I am pretty big on a combination of natural and western medicine being a great compromise. I am always seeking new solutions, new fixes to make a day better and to help with the fatigue associated with the Fibro.

Enter Essential Oils into my life! Today’s new creation has been a wonderful, invigorating blend of Lavender, Orange and Peppermint! It has put a happy in my step and I am hopeful that some of you regardless of your personal health situation, may find it uplifting, motivational and peaceful!

Let me know your feedback, it would be super appreicated! Love to meld minds over things like this and I look forward to your comments and conversation!

Fibro Energy Blend

Fibro Energy Blend – faithfamilyroots.com

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