Where Does Your Strength Come From?

When trouble comes my way,

When darkness shadows the day,

I turn my head not away.

When pain ensnares my heart,

When all is falling apart,

I lean in close and know it is Jesus who holds my heart.

He whispers in my ear,

He tells me not to fear,

He pulls me close and holds me near.

My pain He knows too well,

My heart begins to swell,

He comforts me, holds my hand and tells all will be well.

His voice is in the birdsong,

It whispers on the wind,

His love I sense, His grace I know, even though I’ve sinned.

My heart belongs to Jesus,

Repentance is my theme,

To live with Him forever has always been my dream.

The waters of my washing,

Have crowned me as His own,

No greater love in this world has ever been shown.

He gave up His life for freedom,

Of sinners like me and you,

I know He is my strength and comfort,

The question is do you?